Public and Private Wine Tastings


About Taste Together

I love drinking, learning and talking about wine. And I can’t help but pour that passion into the events I create and host.

Who am I?

I’m a local mum on the Wirral who, before kids, didn’t work in wine.

I adore all that wine offers; from the taste, the window into different cultures, the stories, the elaborate methods to make it and the people who care so greatly to do so. Without them, we wouldn’t have wine. Oh, the horror!

I began studying wine to remind myself I was more than just a mum and with the aim of changing my career path post-kids. I have completed (with distinctions & merits) my levels 1, 2 & 3 with the Wine & Spirit Educational Trust. I also set up this business and trialled Taste Together, having already hosted a number of successful tasting events. All while attempting to negotiate daily with two toddlers.

My first mission is simple: bring you and your favourite people together with entertaining and atmospheric wine and food events. Because great nights really don’t come around often. (She says knowing this first hand!)

I’ll exercise my creativity, knowledge & adoration of wine and well-practised organisational skills, all for you and your friends to enjoy!

I’d be delighted to design a tasting for you and your favourite people!

 For more information on Private Wine Tastings, call us on 07715010536 or get in touch using our contact form.

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